The Story...

Richo Rosai's A Warm Place is an anomaly in the world of Doom mods. Seeminglyout of nowhere, a crazy, homeless Japanese guy who lives in my back yardappeared to bring this Doom innovation to us. One day I found him inside myhouse and at my computer. Letting my finger hesitate one moment on the triggerof my death gun, I noticed what he was doing. He had taught himself ACS while Iwas away on vacation. He'd also eaten my dog to sustain himself, saying hecouldn't find his way back outside, but once I'd seen his Doom creations, Idecided it was worth it! He had, in spite of practically no prior computer experience,come up with some of the most whodathunkit uses of scripting in the history of2.5D.

He later explained that he was actually trying to build a chocolate car to driveto the moon in, but after convincing him that it was impossible with an PIII, Igot him to sell me his Doom mod. At first he said, "No. Never. It justain't for sell."  But then I offered a candy bar. He said maybe, andthen I offered to let him keep himself named as the creator and he agreed. We(Jehovah Gyra) created a soundtrack, and the rest is Doom history.

The Re-relase, and"A Dead Place."

A Warm Place wasoriginally released early this year. There were some compatibility problems dueto the timing of the release that weren't really big enough to justify are-release. But now, in preparation for his next big project (he only comesinside for long periods of time during the winter), Richo has revamped theoriginal. Not only have potential bugs been addressed and compatibility with thelatest Zdoom and ACS assured, there are a few new graphics, a couple of newsecrets, and one more ambient music track by Jehovah Gyra's Dr. Sugar.

A Dead Place will feature more great scripting, a continuous storylineonce again starring Dr. Rich, and voice acting. If you are interested incontributing graphics, voice acting, playtesting, or even 'detailing', feel freeto send an email to richou_rousai [at] Preliminary design work hasalready begun.

"So," youask. "Why should I, the discerning Doomer, care about this AWP?"

Well, I could spend hoursdescribing all the never-before-seen features of A Warm Place, but therewould be little point in that. Also, I'm supposed to go masturbate in a fewminutes. So why don't you let these carefully snipped quotes convince you?

"There are too many scripted sequences to count, and the interactivitylevel is exponentially greater thanwhat we've seen in most Doom wads."
                                                               Bigdog -

"Those[effects] are truly amazing."
                                                               Faint - booted genius

"I'venever seen such a huge and enchanting set of scripts. They make the
storylineof thiswad the best I have EVER seen (and I've seen over two hundred storylines). That
[finalboss showdown] blew my already delusional mind out of this universe."
                                                               Virgil, The Doom Poet - reallygreat mapper

"A Warm Place hasrevolutionized doom as we know it today and is essentially a milestone in thedoom community."
                                                               Picklehammer, ironically kind

So are you going to continue living your life withoutdownloadingAWP? Really? Gee... Well, would some screenshots change your mind? Still not convinced??? Well then get the fuck off my webpage!


You will need ZDOOM1.23 beta 33 in order to run this mod.

If you're unsure about anything else, or if you need to go to the bathroom butaren't sure if you've had enough text files today, you can read the obligatory.txt here.

Some people have come to me with problems in A Warm Place.To fill the requests of those who find themselves "stuck", hereis an lmp I made of myself playing through to the final area. I stronglyrecommend that you only watch this if you are absolutely stuck, and that yourefrain from watching parts you haven't visited yourself yet. That would ruinthe point of the project.